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Get Loved up with these Valentine’s Day Tees

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Here we showcase some top Valentines themed t-shirt designs; whether they embrace the love and passion of Valentines. Or maybe they just take a side swipe at the glamour and over the top commercial aspect of the greetings card created event of the day. We hope this showcase of t-shirt designs brightens up your day on February the 14th.

Here are just SOME of the Valentine’s Day tees that are out there for the taking:

Love At First Bite – Crocktees:

Love At The First Full Moon – Crocktees:

I Love You With Alla My Heart – Crocktees:

Crocktees has quite a few Valentine’s Day designs, so head on over to the official shop to view their entire line!

Valentines Crossbones – Johnny Cupcakes:

(also available in girls sizes HERE)

True Love Tee – Sugar Steak Apparel

Heart Red Logo Tee – Seventh.Ink

Love Like Vultures – People like Me

Check out our full feature on this design

Vday 2011 – The Imaginary Zebra

Anti Valentines Day – Grindstore

These few designs are all taken from Redbubble

Valentine’s Day of the Dead – ZugArt

Pac Valentines – Joel Thompson

Elephant Shoes – Danielle Kerese

Maybe our choices have inspired you to pick up one of these t-shirt designs for yourself?

Tell us which designs you loved and hated.

Or Did we miss your design? Let us know and we can add it to this showcase 🙂

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TTG Review: T-Shirt Fix 22-28th January

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Review of the best-shirt news for the week 22-28th January.

Here we review the weeks best t-shirt based news, roundups, showcase, inspiration and t-shirt releases from across the web. This week we feature Cherry Sauce, Threadless, HIde your arms, Seventh Ink, Hot fuzz & more.

Did we miss something? Drop us below any news we may have missed this week!

This week on Tee Gazette:

TTG Contest Alert Fuck Art Lets Dance via @Gritfx for Follow Friday

TTG Promo Alert $5 and $10 T-shirts at Split Reason

TTG Brand Spotlight SplitReason

TTG New Tee Alert Cocoa on TeeFury

TTG Brand Spotlight Verde Styles

TTG Brand Spotlight John Williamson aka Tea Shirts

“I’m Giving away a free ‘Aliens Are My Friends’ T Shirt to a follower If I reach 500 followers” -via @_TEA_Shirts_

TTG Brand Spotlight Cherry Sauce Clothing

RIP GritFX T-shirts Magazine

When Design Juices Interviewed @604republic

Coming in February – “P-Day” by Crocktees via saucewear

I want a Tattoo via Loving this Tee

Charliegh Free Tee Giveaway via Loving this Tee

Seventh Ink’s Limited Edition Heart Red Logo Tee via In My Short Sleeve

Dark Bunny Tees Super Cop Training Facility (Hot Fuzz) via Hide Your Arms

Self Preservation Hoodie via Hide Your Arms

Hide Your Arms Limited Edition Prints

Serpents Love you via Hide your Arms

Love Your Fellow As Yourself Threadless via Shirtoid

Grab the Angry Spade Grab Bag T-shirts for $9

Shirt Detects When You’re Being Poisoned (or Drunk) via Coty Gonzales

Rebel 8 | The Number Eight Giveaway via Elloace

Did we miss something? Drop us below any news we may have missed this week!

TTG Promo Alert – $5 and $10 T-shirts at Split Reason

January 27, 2011 3 comments

Here’s the information on how you can grab your own clearance bargains at Split Reason.

“Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to feast your eyes below and buy geeky t-shirts at great prices! We’re saying goodbye to some of our long-standing products and rumor has it they want a permanent home on your torso — between washes, if you’re into the whole hygiene thing.”

You can even pick yourself up some Hell No Underwear for $5! For the full selection of items on sale check the list out here.

Hell No t-shirt $10

I Shotgun n00bs t-shirt $5

Wings t-shirt $5

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TTG Brand Spotlight – Verde Styles

January 25, 2011 2 comments

Who are Verde Styles?

Verde Styles are an eco-friendly t-shirt business which encourages environmental awareness through what they describe as artistic design. Each t-shirt is supposed to be designed with a different environmental meaning, to promote awareness and for each t-shirt sold the company plants 1 tree(= 1 tee.)

The company was recently lucky enough to win a grant from the Pepsi Refresh project and this has really given the brand some great exposure with a Pepsi commercial and ABC interview!

How do they see their future amongst all of this rapid growth?

“A future consisting of, of course, more recycling drives and park clean ups, our goal of becoming zero carbon footprint, and this summer traveling to as many music festivals as possible to promote our business.”

Here’s some more information if you haven’t already fallen in love with the brand!

  • All of our shirts are American Apparel and sweatshop free. They run in men and women’s sizes from S-XL. All of our shirts are 100% cotton, comfortable and fitted. We have a variety of colors and artistic designs to choose from. Each shirt is $18 a piece.
  • We will be holding a zero carbon footprint event on Earth Day this year in Center City Philadelphia by having all of our music and electronics powered through bike pedaling generators. We, along with locals and passerby’s will keep the music and fun going by pedaling all day long! Exciting stuff!
  • This summer we will travel to a variety of music festivals and concerts throughout the United States to help spread awareness about current environmental issues through our artistically designed t-shirts. Ex. Bonaroo, Warped Tour, Bamboozle, All Good Festival, Rothbury.
  • We are partnered through American Forests and that is how we plant all of our trees for each t-shirt a customer buys (1 tee = 1 tree). Our goal as of right now is to plant $500,000,000 trees in the next five years.
  • Our team consists of 7 college students who are still in school and who work for the mere satisfaction in the job rather than for the money. As of right now, all of the profits are poured back into the company until one day we have enough to call this our real, full-time job.

What a great cause to get behind and support with some great t-shirt designs; here are a few of our favourite Verde Style designs.

Tee Gazette Coupon Code: TEE GAZETTE (15% off)

Tenta Kill

Recycle Styles

Breaking Point

Man O’ Warning

2022 A.D.

Got a favourite design or want to let us know your thoughts on Verde Style who we featured today? Leave us your comments and opinions below 🙂

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TTG Brand Spotlight – SplitReason

January 24, 2011 1 comment

Split Reason are an online store which are aimed towards the geeks and gamers amongst us who have a strong focus on the high-tech lifestyle and people who love retro nostalgia. The split reason team are based out of Vancouver in BC Canada, and burst into existence back in October of 2003.

They have shipped many orders to geeks and gamers all over the planet, their products materializing from the concepts and ideas from all of their staff. If you have your own ideas you would like to share with Split Reason you can check out their ongoing design contest and brainstorming session to collect thoughts, ideas, and artwork from like-minded individuals to inspire our product line.

Find Split Reason on Facebook

Follow Split Reason on Twitter @splitreason_com

Check out the Official Split Reason Store.

Here we are going to showcase a few of our favourite Split Reason shirts designs, if you have your own favourite then why not tell us in the comments section below?

First up we are going to Showcase; Left the House

The Plumbers Wardrobe

Undead Gamer

Smurf Attack

Head over to the Split Reason Online Store and check out the huge range of t-shirts they have available as well as; stickers, toys, accessories, buttons, books and more. What’s your favorite Split Reason design?

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TTG Brand Spotlight – John Williamson aka Tea Shirts

January 24, 2011 1 comment

Tea Shirts is the brand of t-shirts owned and run by graphic designer John Williamson. Aside from a selection of great t-shirt designs; they also have their own badges and prints. They have a fabulous selection of designs which I can only see expanding in the future.

Here I am going to showcase a selection of the designs I enjoy the most and the badges I was also lucky enough to get my hands on last week; after winning a small giveaway they ran on Twitter.

Check out the Official Tea Shirt Online Store

Discount code of 10%: using the code – TEAGAZETTE.

Follow them on Twitter @_TEA_Shirts

First up is the All My Cats

Here is the second design I love of Aliens are my friends

And finally everyone will love Tea Shirt

Here are the Tea Geek 25mm 4 Button Pack

Head over to the store and check out the range of buttons, t-shirts and prints they have available. If you like one of the designs why not take advantage of the TeeGazette Discount code of 10%: using the code – TEAGAZETTE.

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Fresh Dough Winter Sale

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Winter Blowout Sale at Fresh Dough!

This is a HUGE sale, with Summer line tee’s being only $10, Fall line tee’s only $12 and Hoodies will be $30!

Ends Sunday, January 23rd at 11:59pm.

Don’t wait all week to grab the shirts you want because they might not be there in the end.

The Summer line is almost gone with only 10 pieces left in all and Fall line tee’s are also selling out pretty fast.

None of the Summer line and Fall line will be re-stocked! Especially the FD MMX Limited hoodies, which are only limited to 50 EVER made.

So act fast and enjoy the SALE! Fresh Dough Store

Read More here

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